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Sample Assignments

The following assignments were completed as part of the course.

Final Year

Final Year Group Project (3.4Mb) Hydrofoil Sailing

3rd Year

Third Year Project Optical Wireless Link for IrDA

2nd Year

C Assignment 2 Simulation of a digital filter.
C Assignment 3 Simulation of a snakes and ladders game. Group Project
Measurement Assignment 1 Measurement of a given workpiece using hand tools and CMM.
Measurement Assignment 2 Investigation of a force measurment device using strain
gauges. Op-amp based amplification and measurment using
DVM and data logging.
Measurement Assignment 3 Design of a torque transducer.
Analogue Assignment 2 Design, simulation and practical evaluation of a common
emmitter single stage transistor based amplifier.
Digital Assignment 1 Control and Programming of the Mitsubishi M16C/62
family of microcontrollers using prototype board.

1st Year

Java Assignment Simple implementation of an equation with user input in JAVA
Electrical Machines Laboratory Investigation of a induction motor running off a three phase supply.
Assembler Assignment Implementation and optimisation of bubble sort algorithm in 8051 assembler.
Communications Simulation Simulation of various systems including AM transmission and a Low pass
filter running the simulink package from within MATLAB
Java Assignment 2 Source Application Program created to read and count the occurances of letters in an
input file, writing output to a file.

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